photo above: from moat at Wat Mahathat, Sukhothai Historical Park, Thailand
more photos at: Central Thailand – Sukhothai


in Mae Aw, far northwest Thailand, photo by Patcheree

Life is made up of stages, at least mine is, and I have entered a new travel stage.  I was born in San Francisco and moved from the coast to the desert-mountain interface (Reno-Tahoe) at twenty.  I have spent many years wandering out from there, by car and on foot – hiking much of the Eastern Sierra, camping alone in the quiet of the desert.

Though there had been small bits of international travel, I fell in love with the idea of finally exploring more, with a backpack and with almost nothing planned. When one has dreams, they can either stay inside the head, or they can be transformed into action.

And so it was that, in November 2009, I put the crown onto my southwest US explorations with two hikes down into the Grand Canyon.  In January 2010, I was off to Southeast Asia, solo, with nothing but my first night accommodation planned. 

This blog has grown out of that step off into the unknown.  This has been an amazing process of discovery – both of a larger world than provincial Americans tend to know, and of my own capabilities.

This travel blog is a work in progress, as all such things are.  Some of this I hope to bring you with photos, but often one must try to paint the pictures with words.  While photos can communicate more quickly, there are too many times when a camera is an unthinkable intrusion into the lives of those you visit.

Some earlier travels are online under the Other Galleries.

And so onward – I hope you will enjoy wandering the world with me.


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  1. dre li says:

    so great meeting u!!! u are wonderful!!

  2. Susan Graham says:

    So glad I have found this blog!

  3. Seth says:

    Hi Christine. I am the manager of Exodus at Burning Man. I just found your great post about your Exodus experience in 2011. You did a great job conveying your experience…it is for the reasons you identified that we implemented Pulsing in the 1st place, and I was very happy to hear that your experience was what we hoped it would be. Thank you for taking the time to write the post…I enjoyed it more than you would know!

  4. Brooke says:

    Hello Christine! Our serendipitous adventure ended sadly- I believe I left my jacket at your camp. Did you happen to find a camo coat?

    It was wonderful getting to know you, I’ll be telling that story many more times.


  5. Mike Miller says:

    Hi Christine,
    I am “The Waitress” from your picture of Daisy Diner at burningman 2006.
    My best friend since kindergarden googled “Daisy Diner Burningman” and got your blog post. I am very excited that the diner exists in the searchable public realm. Thank you.

    My camp has been doing the Daisy Diner since 2000 in various incarnations.
    I brought the Diner to the playa again this year (2015).

    Thank you for making me smile.
    -Minnie, Dasiy Diner Employee of the Month August 2006.

    • Christine says:

      Mike/Minnie, you just made my day! I love that you found this photo of yourself. And Daisy Diner is just SO Burning Man! I had not run across you since 2006, love that you are still there – will try to find you next year.


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