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In Kratie, Cambodia still, and finding this place to be quite fascinating.  Inside resting, as all do in the afternoons here, escaping the worst of the heat, computer on, and theoretically online.  But just as it was for all of … Continue reading

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Angkor and the tourist dollar

At Angkor, there are a great variety of ways that the local people appeal to the tourist to leave behind dollars. Some of the ways get to you after awhile, the learned pathetic looks on the children’s faces, the endless … Continue reading

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If you have any interest in the ancient cities and archeological sites of Southeast Asia, you will already know of Angkor, and of its best known temple Angkor Wat. Angkor was the urban area at the heart of the Khmer … Continue reading

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Cambodia is Rice

Wed Jan 27, 2010 Cambodia is rice.  The sole source of income for most of the population is rice farming, grueling hot exhausting labor, done as it has been forever, all manual, plowing behind the family cow.  This is what … Continue reading

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Bangkok to Siem Riep

Yes bangkok is teeming with people, and the views as we left town to the east showed this in all clarity – from the motorway, along the khlongs (canals) were structures patched together extending out over the water, ramshackle, falling … Continue reading

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Gently Touching Thailand

late January 2010 After a week of first baby steps on my first ever international solo trip, then increasingly adventurous forays around Bangkok, and a one day excursion to the old capital city of Ayutthaya, I am very suddenly ready … Continue reading

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