Black Rock City

[photo above Bright Ideas, 2006]

General information about Themes and City Structure
Listing of Burning Man Themes, Streets, and Temples, by year
Map of Black Rock City 2012

I don’t have to go far to visit this unique travel destination. To drive from my Reno driveway to the playa takes less than two hours – Reno is the closest major supply center to the event, and has the closest major hospitals, the nearest commercial airport.

As the event draws near, Burners from all over the world pass through town. They arrive by plane, by truck, with trailer, by motorhome, in long vehicle caravans.  Excited participants drive vehicles heavily loaded, heaped high with gear, towing trailers hauling wildly original art, towing mutant vehicles. Everything they need for the event is crammed into these vehicles – Costumes, bedding, food and water, toys, art installations. They must bring it all with them.

They stop here for their last night in the Default World. They stop to stock up on last minute supplies and on fuel. 

After years of longing – in 2006 – I was finally was able to join this exciting parade to Black Rock City. 

Last year – 2011 – I had thought I’d take a year off, and just write about it all. Debrief. Let the break rebuild the longing. But then the tickets sold out, and the more I wrote, the more I needed to go. Well, the story is tucked into the blog posts but in essence I found a ticket four days before the event began and had (as many people seemed to in 2011) my best year ever. May that be a phrase oft repeated.

Got my ticket for 2012.
See ya there!

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