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Black Rock City Deep Playa Sanctuary – A Rat’s Nest

Far out at the periphery of the Burning Man venue, there is a four foot high net “fence” which defines the event site. The ‘Trash Fence’, as it is called, serves several purposes. For one, it defines the furthest authorized … Continue reading

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Burning Man 2015 segue 2016

2015 brought a different sort of Burning Man for me. As I was experiencing my tenth year on the Playa, my early 40s son was experiencing his first. Over the previous few years, the renown of the event has grown … Continue reading

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Mexican Folk Art in Valladolid

Casa de los Venados, Valladolid, Yucatán In Valladolid, Yucatán, Mexico there is a beautifully restored colonial hacienda-style home which houses a mind-shatteringly beautiful collection of Mexican Folk Art. John and Dorianne Venator are the collectors, and the owners of this … Continue reading

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Impressions of Cuba – Cities

I often rely largely on photos to give the clearest idea of a place – of what attracted me, what surprised me, what amused me, and even at times what alarmed or dismayed me – but when recalling impressions of … Continue reading

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Guatemalan Cemeteries part III – Care and Color

There are two characteristics that I found most notable in the cemeteries in Guatemala. The most immediately obvious is the extensive use of color. There is nothing sedate or boring about a Guatemalan cemetery.

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More Cemeteries in Guatemala

I have always had a bit of a fascination for cemeteries because they hold intriguing clues to the culture and history of an area. And perhaps I just enjoy walking with ghosts.

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Whispers From the Che Mausoleum, Santa Clara, Cuba

Before visitors are allowed into this tomb they must hand over practically all of their belongings to a bag check guard. I was permitted to keep my notebook and pen and jacket. Somewhere on the internet perhaps there are official … Continue reading

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When is a cemetery a National Monument?

In the US, the president is allowed to establish National Monuments which provide a protected status for “historic landmarks, historic and prehistoric structures, and other objects of historic or scientific interest”. In Post-revolutionary Cuba, historical importance is instantly given to … Continue reading

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The Right Answer to the Wrong Question

It is unquestionably extremely useful – often even indispensable – to be able to communicate, at least a little, in Spanish when traveling in Latin America. Only in the most touristic sites was it possible to get around with any … Continue reading

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Palenque Pueblo and the anonymous cementerio

The buses which leave the Chiapas town of Palenque, heading east, are each and every one scheduled to run overnight. This meant that I had one extra day to fill before my 10 pm departure for Tulum and the Riviera … Continue reading

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Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón, Havana

Cementerio de Cristóbal Colón Vedado District, Havana Established in 1876. The cemetery is criss-crossed by a neat grid of streets. In the center is the chapel, Capilla Central Avenida Cristóbal Colón bisects the plot into east and west halves. Toward … Continue reading

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Latin American Cemeteries

[header: Chichicastenango, Guatemala] One of my favorite sights to try to locate in any new place is the local cemetery. They are so often a sort of barometer of the locale, like another kind of ‘house-pride’ that suggests the warmth … Continue reading

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Habana Centro

More views of the Centro District of Havana. Our Casa was one floor above street level on Calle Neptuno a one-way street heading west. Calle Neptuno is the route taken by the colectivo taxis heading in that direction. At dawn … Continue reading

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Where to stay in Havana

Options for short-stay tourist accommodations in Cuba are of three basic types. 1. Hotels, of varying degrees of comfort. 2. All-inclusive resorts (in the beach areas) where meals, beverages and beach activities are all included in the daily rate. 3. … Continue reading

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The Very Weird World of Selfies

I’ve always been amused by people who pose their loved one or family in front of every landmark they pass. Now the ubiquitous group shot has been to a great extent replaced by the singles and couples simply photographing themselves, … Continue reading

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