Wifi locations at Burning Man 2011

So exactly where can you find wifi at Burning Man 2011?


The Network Operating Center (NOC) is at Center Camp, located at the base of the largest tower, so much of that area will be live. Try near Playa Info.

The Airport is wired

And there are hotspots along the Esplanade at fairly regular intervals plus a few other sites, so here you go, listed clockwise. Yeah, go get your fix.

Children of Chaos, Ring Road 3:15
HJSC 3:30 and B
Illumination Village 3:45 at Esplanade
vegcamp 4:30 and C
liminal-labs 5:30 & esplanade

CENTER CAMP: by the NOC, or Playa Info, etc.

siliconpod 6:15 and D
radioelectra 6:45 and Esplanade
goldencafe 7:30 and A
playaskool 8:00 and Esplanade
Saraswati Tea House 9:15 & A
wantit 9:30 and Esplanade
minitrop 9:30 and C
bacchanalia 9:30 and E

[Note for 2012: when specifics are available, this will turn into a live link]

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