From Mandalay

Hello my travel along friends.

Just a quick note from Mandalay to let you know that all is well.  I
have been filling every day easily – more than filling them actually.  I
will be here three more days (all already allocated), then will move on
to Bagan, a very special site here in Myanmar.  The area contains the
temples of a major city which was prominent from 850 BC until 1300.

Because my chosen transport between Mandalay and Bagan has a very
limited schedule, I can leave only early morning on Sundays or
Wednesdays.  This Sunday would be too soon, so Wednesday it is.

Mandalay is a relatively young city of about 1 million, established in
1857 and made the capital of Burma in 1861.  Four clusters of beautiful
older sites (former capitals) are near here.  They are good preparation
for Bagan.  I’ve been out exploring those areas twice now, once for a
full day, and once just as a sunset excursion.  Morning after next I
will go out one more time (on the back of a motorbike) with a
knowledgeable local man.

I will try to post more about these wonderful sites later, but I am far
too tired.  If you wish, you could google Inya, Amarapura (and U Bein’s
Bridge), Saigaing, Paleik and Mingun.  And don’t forget Mandalay Hill.
Lots of interesting things to do here in town and I am biking around to
cover the highlights.  I think I will just skip describing the traffic
here (and the air) for now.  Though I am sure google would give you the
salient details.

And so goodnight.  Hopefully more soon.

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