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Farewell Bangkok

A few more images from Thailand, as I ready myself to fly on to Burma. Thewet Market (primarily vegetables, meat and fish) is on the right of the canal (khlong).  The Thewet Flower Market is on the left. Thewet Market … Continue reading

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My guesthouse is in such an interesting neighborhood.The busy main street, runs north-south, and is a half block away.  It teems with all manner of traffic, dominated by the madcap buses of Bangkok. 

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Bangkok – old and new

To get my Myanmar visa I’d had to go to a part of Bangkok which was new to me.  Since we would need to return to the embassy later that afternoon to pick our passports,  Justin and I jumped back … Continue reading

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24 hours

I had thought that these initial few days in Bangkok would be a wasted down-time, but it is quickly taking on another form entirely.  It is different if you are traveling for just a few weeks with a frenetic schedule … Continue reading

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Gently Touching Thailand

late January 2010 After a week of first baby steps on my first ever international solo trip, then increasingly adventurous forays around Bangkok, and a one day excursion to the old capital city of Ayutthaya, I am very suddenly ready … Continue reading

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