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The Right Answer to the Wrong Question

It is unquestionably extremely useful – often even indispensable – to be able to communicate, at least a little, in Spanish when traveling in Latin America. Only in the most touristic sites was it possible to get around with any … Continue reading

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Latin American Cemeteries

[header: Chichicastenango, Guatemala] One of my favorite sights to try to locate in any new place is the local cemetery. They are so often a sort of barometer of the locale, like another kind of ‘house-pride’ that suggests the warmth … Continue reading

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The Very Weird World of Selfies

I’ve always been amused by people who pose their loved one or family in front of every landmark they pass. Now the ubiquitous group shot has been to a great extent replaced by the singles and couples simply photographing themselves, … Continue reading

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the annual bag debate

ok, it is that time again – what bag will I be taking on this upcoming five week trip to Central America? What style, what capacity? Do I use one I have already or should I hunt up something different? … Continue reading

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Some people have talent with languages. I am not one of them. Traveling around Southeast Asia, from country to country, it is all I can do to produce a passable ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ in the native tongue.  At the … Continue reading

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back in Bangkok

I am back, a year later.  Much has changed in me, but nothing much has changed in Bangkok.  A few political demonstrations later, a few needless deaths, nothing has changed.

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Transiting through Japan

2011, start of a two month trip to southeast Asia. This is a smoking area in the Frankfurt, Germany airport. Yes, I am in Germany instead of Japan. Certainly not the most direct way to go from San Francisco to … Continue reading

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Southeast Asia

beckons, seduces. Thailand. Continuing on from last year when the Thai portion was: Bangkok – one week at the start, a half week at the end Ayutthaya – minivan day trip Aranya Prathet – minivan to the Cambodian border And … Continue reading

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Tuesday 3 am, in Bangkok. This will be a quick message as the last time I had any normal sleep was Saturday night. I will say that it turns out I actually can doze off repeatedly on a plane after … Continue reading

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