Southeast Asia

beckons, seduces. Thailand.

Continuing on from last year when the Thai portion was:
Bangkok – one week at the start, a half week at the end
Ayutthaya – minivan day trip
Aranya Prathet – minivan to the Cambodian border

And so I saw nothing, well almost nothing, of Thailand.

The first half of the coming trip will be about remedying that lapse.

[postedit - It wasn't]

After that? Who knows. That is the joy, the utter joy of the journey, discovery, exploration and being entirely open to whatever beckons. Oh my, the anticipation, the wonder, the amazement. Soon my friends. Very soon.

[postedit - well yes true. Allowing the journey to invent itself. Who knows in advance what will work best, what unexpected things one will find. "The journey, discovery, exploration and being entirely open to whatever beckons." yes.]

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4 Responses to Southeast Asia

  1. JimD says:

    Looking forward to the emails and blogs. The adventure begins….

  2. Very excited to read about your adventures… Go woman Go!! ENJOY ENJOY!

  3. jody says:

    Happy travels! The people, the food, the warmth….ahhh!

  4. Ed says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your adventures.

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