Garden Glimpses – Bring on the Bloom

It is Mid-May, and in a normal year there would be buds on the roses by now. But only buds. This is not a normal year.

The garden roses were opening slowly, a good three weeks ahead of what is normal here in Northern Nevada. But now several days of hotter weather have brought on an explosion of color and fragrance. And the late, the always late gardener is still frantically pruning out the dead wood.

Europeana and Autumn Sunset

‘The golden ‘Autumn Sunset’ has burst into bloom, and though the ‘Europeana’ is starting to open, the next photo shows how far it is from full bloom.


Here is this area from a different direction. The dog is fenced in because otherwise she takes herself off exploring.

Hot Cocoa, Autumn Sunset, Lace Cascade, America, Moon Shadow and one frustrated dog

Over on the other side of the garden the early bloomer ‘Priscilla Burton’ is a back drop for other roses now starting their show.

Escapade, Thisbe, Crowd Pleaser Priscilla Burton, and Lady of the Dawn

Moving in a little closer, one can see the lavender of ‘Excellenz Von Schubert’ tucked in behind ‘the light yellow of ‘Thisbe’.

Hybrid Musks Thisbe and Excellenz Von Schubert

‘Sally Holmes’ responded to the heat by going from a few open blooms to a gorgeous display.

Sally Holmes

Moving down the hill, the shade cloth on the gazebo has been unrolled and tied. With temperatures now reaching 90 degrees, a shady spot is a necessity.

Wall of pastel roses behind the gazebo

A closer view

Pretty Lady, Michelangelo, Distant Drums, and Sally Holmes behind

Sitting in the shade

Kathryn Morley and Baronne Prévost framed by the gazebo pillars

And father down the hill, the Canadian Explorers

John Cabot, John Franklin, William Baffin

Imagine this – the bloom is underway, but not yet at peak.

John Franklin and William Baffin

Happily, our weather will cool back down now to more normal late spring temperatures. We can use a little deceleration, a slowing of this crazy rampage. Let the pleasure last.

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