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Sunset Views from Black Rock City – Sunday night

There is so much to do once back in the Default World, but I will take a few moments from the ‘joys’ of deplayafication to recharge my visual memories. And yours. Sunday was the last burn night, the night to … Continue reading

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Burning Man 2010

Impressions of a specific year at Burning Man are bound to be intensely personal. Was a certain year the best ever or much less than that? How much of what one remembers as good, and as less so, is determined … Continue reading

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Not so long ago Pai was an amazing place to visit. I suppose it may still be, but for a different group of travelers now than formerly. The relatively remote Pai has now been ‘discovered,’ and its character greatly altered.  … Continue reading

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a silver temple, and a Chinese

Well, I did say Chiang Mai had temples. So just a few more before we leave Chiang Mai to explore the Mae Hong Son loop road that climbs and winds through the far northwest of Thailand. Barely outside the Old … Continue reading

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More Temples – mountain top and forest

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep overlooks Chang Mai from the top of the mountain  west of the city.  One can reach the top of the mountain (Doi Suthep) by car or taxi, or by shared songthaew.  Some intrepid souls bicycle the … Continue reading

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Chiang Mai – the temples

Despite hearing in advance that Chiang Mai has enough temples that even the most dedicated temple-spotter will be fully satisfied, their density and variety was still amazing. I had a list of temples I particularly wanted to see, yet I … Continue reading

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Chiang Mai – feet on the ground

Much like google crawls the web – that is how I explore a new location.  With some initial destination in mind, and vaguely mindful of how to find my way back to where I began, I head out.  On foot, … Continue reading

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Angkor and the tourist dollar

At Angkor, there are a great variety of ways that the local people appeal to the tourist to leave behind dollars. Some of the ways get to you after awhile, the learned pathetic looks on the children’s faces, the endless … Continue reading

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If you have any interest in the ancient cities and archeological sites of Southeast Asia, you will already know of Angkor, and of its best known temple Angkor Wat. Angkor was the urban area at the heart of the Khmer … Continue reading

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