Leaving the Grid

Feb 13

Hello my friends,

In a little while I will be heading up river to where the electricity is produced by generators which run only from 6pm til 10pm.  I will be leaving the one internet connection in Nong Khiaw behind, and expect no more til I reach Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam, whenever that might be.

In addition, Vietnam censors Facebook.  Some work arounds are possible, but photos cannot be uploaded.  For this reason, I have tried to do a bit of catch up here and get a few photos up.  Of course, I am still miles behind, but at least have made a start.

The photos from here in Nong Khiaw really reflect the difference in traveling where tourists are more of a rarity.  The openness of the people – and the truth one sees of who they are and of the conditions of their lives – is much easier to catch.  In other places I have felt it was a very rude intrusion to put a camera in someone’s face, or to too obviously record what I was seeing.  The images are vivid in my head, but I am not really able to show them to you.

So this is farewell for now.  Will be returning when I can to bring some impressions from Vietnam.

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