Onplaya – Images from Burning Man 2011

Burning Man can really wear you out with the early mornings, late nights, dust and heat, and with soooo much to do.  So it is not such a bad thing to shave a couple of days off at the beginning so you are able to last til the end.

I finally pulled into Black Rock City early on Wednesday morning, Event Day 3.  Though the playa looked fairly clear, there was wind and dust at the Greeters station.


After setting up camp, it was time to check out the daytime playa.


The place was rocking, full of theme camps and art cars and bicycles and costumes.  Feeling right at Home.



The main playa was pretty much dusted throughout the day.


The Man is barely visible n the dust, framed by this sculpture.


Then just after sunset the wind died and gave us a sparkling clear night.


Aurora has aerialists performing, but we barely missed the show.


The Billion Jelly Bloom was a stunning bit of performance art.


And The Man this year is really quite special.


What a perfect first day at Burning Man 2011.

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4 Responses to Onplaya – Images from Burning Man 2011

  1. teedub says:

    very cool check out my picasaweb site for my best. aml t

    • Christine says:

      Oh Terry my friend, your memory is so much present at Burning Man. This year – 2014 – some of your ashes will be burning with the temple. Hope you will be far above us somewhere watching.

  2. Willa Venus says:

    Thanks for the pics! I didn’t take many, knowing there’d be someone like you who would take some beauties :-)

    • Christine says:

      Thanks Willa. I am always pleased to be able to bring these photos to the people who were not able to be there, as well as those of us who were.

      My mantra for Burning Man is ‘I was there and I still missed it’. So much, so fast. At night I bounce around on the playa, seeing so many places I want to be at once. Impossible to see more than a small fraction. As you well know.

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