Trojan Horse burns tonight

There is a huge Trojan Horse out on the Playa tonight.  Hundreds of toga clad citizens of Black Rock City manned the ropes, first moving it in small steps from the Esplanade out to the gates of Troy.  Then in one last monumental pull, the massive horse was moved to its final spot.  A flag marked the start of the pull which started slowly, then as all the bodies worked together the horse practically galloped forward.  At the end point a flare exploded into the air, the ropes were dropped and the horse rolled to a stop.

The party will surround it for the next four hours.  The Pez dispenser burns in an hour, there is a fireworks show at 10 pm at Tympani Lambada.  And at midnight, the Trojan Horse burns.

Maybe see ya’ll tomorrow, with photos.



The horse has been moved through the Gates of Troy. The lines of stout ropes lie slack, ready to be lifted by the hundreds of pullers. In a few more minutes, the final dramatic effort will bring the Trojan Horse to its last destination.


The marching band plays rousing music as it follows the horse past the Gates of Troy.
The citizens of Black Rock City are content with their efforts and retreat to their homes to ready themselves for the cold night.

Hours later Midnight finally arrives. The crowd returns to Troy, and gathers in a wide circle around their horse to witness the fireworks and the explosions of fire which will consume him.



And finally, fully engulfed in flame, this monumental horse leaves its emotional mark on the Playa. The Glory of the City is once again ours.


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