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Bangkok – old and new

To get my Myanmar visa I’d had to go to a part of Bangkok which was new to me.  Since we would need to return to the embassy later that afternoon to pick our passports,  Justin and I jumped back … Continue reading

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24 hours

I had thought that these initial few days in Bangkok would be a wasted down-time, but it is quickly taking on another form entirely.  It is different if you are traveling for just a few weeks with a frenetic schedule … Continue reading

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Bangkok to Siem Riep

Yes bangkok is teeming with people, and the views as we left town to the east showed this in all clarity – from the motorway, along the khlongs (canals) were structures patched together extending out over the water, ramshackle, falling … Continue reading

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Gently Touching Thailand

late January 2010 After a week of first baby steps on my first ever international solo trip, then increasingly adventurous forays around Bangkok, and a one day excursion to the old capital city of Ayutthaya, I am very suddenly ready … Continue reading

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